In the world of online shopping, has gained some attention due to its enticing offers and discounts on clothing items like dresses, two-piece sets, tops, sweaters, and cardigans. However, before diving into the world of bargain hunting, exploring the truth behind Arnuz is essential. In this review, we’ll delve into the workings of this online store, uncover its potential drawbacks, and provide insights into what to expect when considering a purchase.

What Is is presented as an online store offering a range of clothing items at seemingly affordable prices. However, it’s essential to dig deeper and understand the entity behind the website. is owned and operated by XBP International Ltd, a company with a tarnished reputation in the online marketplace. This company’s track record is linked to numerous untrustworthy online stores, raising concerns about the authenticity of the brand’s offerings.

The UK Connection

One common misconception is that a store claiming to be located in the UK is automatically legitimate. Unfortunately, this assumption doesn’t always hold true. Many companies register themselves at the UK Companies House with minimal requirements, making creating a facade of legitimacy relatively easy. In the case of, despite any claims of UK origins, it appears that the products are sourced from China. This disparity between representation and reality is a significant red flag.

Elusive Customer Support

Effective communication with an online store’s customer support is vital for a seamless shopping experience. However, appears to fall short in this regard. The provided email address,, does not appear to be functional, and no phone number is available. Attempts to contact their customer support have reportedly been unsuccessful. This lack of transparency and communication can be frustrating for potential customers.

Unrealistic Discounts lures shoppers with unbelievably low prices and significant discounts. While everyone loves a good deal, these discounts may be too good to be true. Such drastic markdowns can be a tactic employed by some online stores to attract customers. In reality, legitimate stores typically do not offer such extreme discounts. This should raise concerns about the authenticity of’s pricing.

Security Concerns

When it comes to sharing personal and financial information, it is crucial to prioritize online security. Unfortunately, appears to lack essential security measures. There is no indication of security certifications from reputable companies like McAfee or Norton. This absence of security features could leave customers vulnerable to potential cyber threats. Details

Website URL
Contact Email
Customer Support Phone Unavailable
Registered Since March 28, 2022
Accepted Payment Methods Credit and Debit Cards


Step into the digital shopping realm, where bargains and choices beckon with just a click. Amidst the virtual aisles, shines as a beacon of discounts and fashion finds. But wait – before you dive into the shopping spree, let’s unveil the mysteries behind the virtual storefront. In this revealing Arnuz review, we’ll dig beneath the surface to uncover the reality behind the enticing promises. From questionable ownership to vanishing customer support, prepare for a shopping revelation that will empower you to navigate the online market with wisdom and wits.

In summary, may not be the secure and reliable online store it appears to be, and potential customers should proceed with caution.


Is a legitimate online store?’s legitimacy is questionable due to its ownership, elusive customer support, and unrealistic discounts. Exercise caution when considering purchases.

Can I trust with my personal and financial information?

The website lacks security certifications, raising concerns about data protection. Consider safer alternatives for online shopping.

Are there any reliable customer reviews for

Verified customer reviews for the site are scarce, making it challenging to gauge the shopping experience. Be wary of potential risks.