Australia is no different to any other country when it comes to law, they have their own set of laws that people must follow and in this short article, we offer invaluable advice in the event you are ever charged with a criminal offence in the wonderful Down Under.

Immediately Seek Out Legal Advice

Whether you are arrested in a public place or you receive a summons, you should immediately seek out a lawyer; for the best counsel, look no further than LY criminal lawyers in Liverpool, NSW, a law firm with a fantastic reputation for helping clients to receive a suitable outcome. Apart from acknowledging your identity, you should not say anything to the arresting officer(s) other than requesting a consultation with a lawyer.

The Importance Of Legal Counsel

Once you have received the summons, you and your lawyer need to sit down and decide what your plea will be. Either ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ and if it is the latter, you need to prepare your defence. The legal professional fully understands how this process works and under their direction, evidence is gathered to hopefully prove your innocence. Your lawyer will receive a court date and should you feel you don’t have enough time to prepare your defence, your lawyer can ask for a postponement to a later date.

Bail Or Remanded In Custody

Depending on the seriousness of the offence, you might be bailed out to appear in court on a specific date; in the event the offence is serious, the prosecution might oppose bail and it is up to a judge to decide whether or not the defendant is to be remanded in custody. In the event you do not receive bail, your lawyer can appeal this and, in many cases, they are successful. When you post bail, you are required to appear in court at the time and date specified, if you do not, you forfeit the bail money and you will be arrested on sight. Click here to find out about personal injury compensation claims.

Lawyer-Client Confidentiality

It is always best to be completely honest with your lawyer and let’s not forget that you have a confidentiality bond with your legal counsel. Your lawyer can do their job better if you are truthful with them and always remember, they are on your side.

State Provided Legal Assistance

If you do not have the money to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed for you by the state; it is your legal right to have a lawyer represent you in a court of law. Of course, it is better to hire a lawyer if you are able and the sooner you do that, the better.

To conclude, you should not panic if you are charged with a criminal offence and make it your goal to connect with a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.