According to a 2021 report by World Health Organization, every 1 in 160 children has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is a developmental disability that causes delays in social interactions, underdevelopment of social, motor, and intellectual skills, and some unusual behavioral patterns. Although it has a wide range of symptoms as the name suggests. Two people with ASD can have totally different symptoms from each other.

Some people with ASD might be able to live independently with continuous management while some may need lifetime care and management. The symptoms start appearing at early childhood (even before 12 months of age). Most of the time they are considered just a part of the normal behavior of the child. So, here we will tell you what are the signs that tell you to get a diagnosis and start taking measures.

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Before that, the following are the few common symptoms that you can diagnose even at an early age.

Not Responding To Their Names Or Command Following

Children learn to respond when their names are called. If your child does not learn to respond to their name despite having no auditory defects, there might be a problem. Test it through multiple ways and try to make them learn. Moreover, you can check their overall command following behavior. Autistic children do not respond when asked to do something. For example, when you tell them to pick a ball or give you a kiss, they would stay as nothing has been asked of them. Keep in mind to check these behaviors when it is the right time for that child to learn that behavior.

No Eye Contact & Delayed Responses To External Stimuli 

Autistic kids do not make eye contact and this is one of the very typical symptoms of this disorder. They do not tend to show expressions and look into the eyes while talking or point towards something. Moreover, their emotional expression is also either delayed or not present. They would also very rarely or will not respond to external stimuli. For example, if they do not play with anything or do not feel happy with any game or toy, there might be a problem.

Insisting On The Same Routine

This again is very typical of autistic children. They insist on following the same routine like playing the same game at the same time and taking the same route etc. When not followed, they would show tantrums, scream or present very irritable behavior. In short, they do not tolerate any change in routine and behave very roughly in that case.

Repetitive Motor Movements Or Speech

One of the most common symptoms among autistic children. You will find them doing the same action or repeating the same words again and again. It can be anything. Most commonly, it is like flapping their hands, running in circles, arranging toys in the same order. When it comes to speech, they would most commonly speak unintelligible words and keep repeating them.

Laughing Or Crying At Unusual Instances 

Their emotional expression is quite affected. They would not laugh or cry at the moments when they should. On the other hand, their crying or laughing can be observed at unusual times when there was no obvious stimulus present before them.

What Can You Do About It?

First of all, if you are observing all or some of the above symptoms in your children, seek a therapist and get your diagnosis. If the child is diagnosed with some degree of ASD, you have to start therapy and take special measures.

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