Are you contemplating becoming a member of, the self-proclaimed platform for accessing an extensive library of movies, music, audiobooks, games, software, and sports? Before you embark on this journey, it’s essential to delve deeper into the facts surrounding this intriguing platform. Through reviews, we’ll dissect the platform to reveal the truth behind the claims.

Unmasking Concerns – Why Raises Suspicion

Customer Discontent

Many customers who eagerly signed up for what they believed to be a free trial on found themselves dissatisfied and disheartened. Their complaints shed light on a troubling pattern of unauthorized charges and a lack of clear cancellation options. Here are some of their voices:

Customer Review 1: This appears to be a scam. It’s essential to exercise caution and be vigilant when dealing with this company. I registered for a free trial, expecting to watch a promoted film, but disappointingly, the film wasn’t accessible. What’s more concerning is that I couldn’t find any means to cancel the free trial. I strongly advise avoiding this platform altogether. – M.B

Customer Review 2: My intention was to enjoy a movie from the Cannes Film Festival, so I decided to give Fruust’s 5-day free trial a try. However, to my surprise, despite my lack of authorization, they processed charges on my card before the trial period concluded. This experience has left me concerned about the credibility and security of Fruust. To be safe, I’m considering changing my card. – Stephanie Vaughn

The Enigmatic Business Address

One notable red flag is the conspicuous absence of a business address on the website. This lack of transparency leaves customers in the dark, unable to reach out to the store in the event of issues. Additionally, the origin of the items offered for access remains a mystery.

A Brief Existence is a relatively recent addition to the digital landscape, having been created in January 2023 with an expiration date set for January 2024. This brief existence hints at a potentially disposable website, raising suspicions about its legitimacy.

The Elusive Customer Support

Attempts to establish contact with Fruust’s customer support have proven futile. The provided email address,, yields no response, and the listed phone number, +448081756506, leads to a dead end. The absence of accessible customer support is a significant cause for concern.

Social Media Silence

Curiously, maintains no active presence on any social media platform. This deviation from the norm in the world of legitimate online stores further adds to the veil of suspicion.

The Absence Of Security

Fruust lacks fundamental security measures like McAfee or Norton, leaving it vulnerable to potential hackers with access to customer personal and financial data.

What Awaits You When You Register On

Upon registering on, you may encounter a series of disconcerting issues:

Unauthorized Charges: Be prepared for unauthorized charges on your credit card.

Subscription Woes: Experience difficulty in canceling Fruust subscriptions, even after reaching out via the contact form.

Increased Risk: Face an elevated risk of credit card hacking and receiving unauthorized debit alerts.

Damage Control – What To Do If You’ve Already Signed Up

If you’ve already taken the plunge and registered on, here’s your course of action:

Contact Your Bank: Inform your bank or financial institution promptly to cancel the transaction and potentially initiate a chargeback.

File a Dispute Claim: In cases where the transaction has been completed, file a dispute claim to address the issue.

Secure Your Information: Take steps to secure your credit card information, especially if you’ve used the same password for other online accounts. This safeguards against unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

Conclusion: Proceed With Caution

In light of our discoveries, it is strongly recommended to exercise caution when dealing with While its promise of free movies and unlimited access is enticing, customer complaints of unauthorized charges, subscription struggles, and a lack of responsive customer support cast a shadow of doubt. Approach this website with skepticism and prioritize the security of your financial information.

This review is based on available information and customer experiences as of the review date. It’s recommended to be cautious and perform comprehensive research before getting involved with any online platform.


  1. Is a legitimate platform for accessing movies, music, and more?

Fruust’s legitimacy is in question due to numerous customer complaints about unauthorized charges and subscription issues. Exercise caution before using it.

  1. Does the platform have a physical business address?

No, it lacks a physical business address, making it challenging to contact them in case of problems and raising concerns about its transparency.

  1. Does offer reliable customer support?

No, its customer support is elusive. Attempts to contact them via email or phone have been unsuccessful, which is a significant cause for concern.