Make The Best Of Your Off-Road Trips With These “Must-Have” 4WD Accessories 

Nothing can stop a brave heart from answering the call of an adventure. But before you venture into the wild, make sure your 4WD is armed and ready for what is to come. You’ll never know what the outback has prepared for you.

Be unstoppable! Get your 4×4 all set for the outback with these essential accessories.

Heavy-Duty Bull Bar

A heavy-duty bull bar cannot be skipped when it comes to off-road trips! This armour for your 4×4 will protect you against the impact of animal collisions, rocks, branches and more. With the unpredictable and rugged terrain, you’ll just never know what situation you’ll drive into. Bull bars provide an extra layer of protection during collisions.

Also, if you’re not the best driver — or even if you are! — these bad boys also improve the approach angle of your vehicle. This way, if you slightly miscalculate a turn, a bull bar can take the hit to save your car from scratches and dents.

What’s more, they can offer stable and robust mounting points for your other 4×4 accessories. Whether it’s a winch, antenna or driving lights, these accessories can hang on to your bull bar for a stable and steady hold.

Specialised Suspension

Yes, your 4WD can endure extreme outdoor conditions. However, reinforcement never hurts, especially on tricky and rugged terrain where car springs, shock absorbers and stabilisers are put under a lot of stress. When vulnerable components like these overheat and malfunction, you risk being left deserted in the wild. Luckily, there are suspension systems designed specifically for these challenging conditions. They protect your vehicle’s vulnerable components, even under extreme conditions and obstacles. So, before you plan for your off-road adventures, have one of these specialised suspension systems installed on your 4WD.

Driving Lights

High beams may be good enough to drive on regular roads and highways at night. However, the road less taken in the dark may require something stronger and brighter. Apart from your pre-installed car lights, you only have the moon and stars to help you see at night in the outback. You’ll need a stronger light source to illuminate your path and avoid hazards like branches, ditches or animal encounters. So, choose from a range of LED driving lights, headlight bulbs and light bars to help you navigate at night.

Winches & Recovery Tracks

No matter how much you travel a trail or how experienced you are at off-road driving, getting bogged is inevitable sometimes. That’s why you should never leave without your recovery equipment. Winches and recovery tracks are the most practical and efficient recovery equipment you could own. While winches help you pull your vehicle out of tricky situations, recovery tracks create a surface that your 4WD tyres can grip. They’re the perfect tandem for getting you out of the sand or a ditch.

Off-Road Communication Devices

Nowadays, people have become so reliant on smartphones to communicate, navigate and do just about everything. Unfortunately, they won’t be as helpful in the outback, where you may struggle to find reception. While being disconnected from society and technology can be refreshing, it can also be dangerous. You’ll need to connect with someone when you get into trouble. To ensure safety, keep alternative communication gadgets with you when you travel. Radios are the best for off-road travel. They are fast and reliable. But most of all, they don’t need a network signal to operate. So make sure to always bring one with you; you never know when they might come in handy.

Electrical Equipment

Communication devices and mapping units are essential to make your off-road travel safe and convenient. They help you navigate the terrain, as well as get you connected when an emergency happens. Of course, these gadgets won’t work without a power source. And relying on your car battery alone can quickly wear it out, and you’ll end up with a broken-down vehicle in the least ideal place. Get all the power you need for your off-road journey with batteries, solar panels and power accessories. They can also power your inverters, air compressors, portable fridges and other camping equipment to make your trip more comfortable and convenient.

Storage Equipment

With the bit of space available in your 4WD, you want to make the most of it. High-quality specialised storage equipment does just that. They’re the best at keeping all your off-road tools, equipment and personal belongings neat and organised. So, you can get them easily whenever you need them. It sounds basic, but they can be a saviour in time-sensitive situations, like getting bogged. Organised storage means you don’t have to dig through your stuff to find your recovery tools. What’s more, robust, durable, high-quality storage will protect your things during a bumpy ride. Plus, they save a lot of space; you’ll have plenty of room for more gadgets or another person to come with you.

Roof Racks

Sometimes, no matter how well organised you are with your space, there’ll be no room left in your vehicle, especially when you have bulky equipment. Roof racks let you pack bigger, bulkier things, such as your recovery tracks, bicycles, surfboards, and even canoes on your roof. This allows you to free up valuable space in your rig.

Portable Fridge

Although we love escaping to nature and the challenge of living simpler lives, there are some comforts that we just have to take with us — like the fridge. When you’re travelling off-road for days, your portable fridge becomes a necessity. It’s hard to quench your thirst with warm drinks on a hot day, and it will be harder to enjoy them too. Plus, it’s hard to keep your food fresh without a fridge. It will be such a waste to let your food go bad, which is likely to happen given the outback heat.

Spare Tyres

As impressive as 4WDs are, the tyres that come with them don’t typically match their superiority, especially on rugged, unforgiving roads. You’ll never know how much your tyres can take when the going gets tough. Investing in a good set of tyres and spares will serve you thousands of kilometres though. Plus, they look fantastic too.

Air Compressor

Deflate and inflate your tyres any time and anywhere with an air compressor. Adjust your tyre pressure as you drive through the rocky terrain in the wilderness while knowing you can pump them back up when you go back to even roads. A powerful air-compressor can also reseat a bead on a tyre. It can even blow dust away from sensitive components in your vehicle or other equipment.

Long-Range Fuel Tank

Relying on service stations for every petrol refill can be a hassle or even a massive point of stress on your trip. Stopping every time you see one or searching for one when you’re about to hit empty can be such a drag. That’s why you need to secure your fuel supply with a long-range fuel tank, especially if you’re driving for days. These tanks can offer you almost double your fuel capacity.

Is Your Drive Ready For The Outback?

Looking for quality, reliable 4×4 accessories for your Polaris Ranger to help you survive the wilderness? Discover a wide range of premium and affordable 4WD accessories online. But, more importantly, you can drive safely into the outback with confidence, knowing that your 4×4 accessories won’t let you down. So, come and deck out your 4WD and get ready for a wild adventure!