Websites like are becoming popular among virtual shoppers. But is Strictlymot legit and truly reliable? Engage in our Strictlymot reviews blog to get a better understanding of this suspicious ecommerce store.

Assessing Strictlymot Reviews & Patterns

In today’s digital age, online shopping offers convenience and accessibility like never before. However, as the virtual marketplace grows, so does the presence of fraudulent websites aiming to deceive unsuspecting consumers. With enticing offers and unbelievable discounts, has caught the attention of bargain hunters. But is it too good to be true? With Strictlymot reviews, we’ll expose the brand’s inner workings and provide you with essential insights to protect your online shopping experience.

Discounted Dreams: The Bait-&-Switch Scam is a web-based store that advertises an array of items at remarkably low prices. Ranging from power tools to children’s toys, their product selection seems too good to pass up. However, appearances can be deceiving. The Strictlymot scam revolves around the lure of massive discounts designed to captivate potential buyers.

The Scam Unveiled: How It Works

The modus operandi of involves attracting customers with astonishingly low prices and discounts that seem irresistible. Once a purchase is made, customers receive a confirmation email and a debit alert. This initial transaction creates a facade of legitimacy. However, this is where the illusion ends. After this point, customers encounter a disturbing pattern: no response from the store, no tracking information, and no product delivery. Reviews: The Voice Of The Victims

Numerous frustrated customers have shared their experiences with Strictlymot on platforms like Trustpilot. These testimonials shed light on the scam’s mechanics and highlight customers’ disappointment. Reports include unauthorized charges, undelivered merchandise, and non-functional customer support channels. These genuine reviews expose the deception behind Strictlymot’s alluring facade.

Red Flags & Warning Signs On Strictlymot Com

Fake Business Address: The address mentioned on the Strictlymot website, “103401 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037,” has been proven fake. This address corresponds to residential property; the residents have disassociated themselves from the website. A police report has been filed to address this misuse.

Lack of Customer Support: The provided email address, “,” does not function, and attempts to contact the store via the listed phone number, +1(320)-201-9588, have proven unsuccessful. This lack of communication raises severe concerns about the legitimacy of the store.

Unrealistic Discounts: The discounts offered by are far beyond what would be feasible for a legitimate business. These eye-catching discounts serve as bait to draw in unsuspecting customers.

Security Vulnerabilities: The absence of recognized security measures such as McAfee or Norton leaves the website susceptible to potential data breaches, endangering customers’ personal and financial information.

Essential Steps To Protect Yourself

Domain Age and Legitimacy: Investigate the age of the domain through services like WHOIS. Older domains generally indicate more established businesses.

Physical Address Verification: If the store provides a return address, verify its legitimacy using mapping services like Google Maps.

Review Search: Look for genuine customer reviews outside the store’s website. A lack of reviews or overwhelming negative ones can be warning signs.

Social Media Presence: Check if the store’s social media icons are functional. Fraudulent websites like might feature non-working social media links.

Conclusion: Guarding Your Online Shopping Experience may appear tempting with its unbelievable discounts, but don’t let yourself fall victim to its deception. This fraudulent website preys on the excitement of a bargain, only to disappoint customers with non-existent customer support, fake addresses, and unfulfilled orders. To safeguard your financial well-being and online shopping experience, staying vigilant and adhering to the warning signs highlighted with reviews is crucial. Remember that while online shopping offers convenience, extra caution can go a long way in protecting yourself from scams like


Is Strictlymot legit?

No, is a fraudulent online store that offers unrealistically discounted products. It lures customers with low prices but fails to deliver purchased items, lacks customer support, and features a fake business address.

Can I trust the discounts offered on Strictlymot com?

The discounts on the website are too good to be true. The website uses these offers to attract customers, but it’s a scam that preys on unsuspecting shoppers, leaving them with undelivered or inferior products.

What precautions can I take to avoid becoming a scam victim?

To protect yourself from Strictlymot or other scams, verify the website’s domain age, confirm physical addresses, read genuine customer reviews, and ensure functional social media links.