The main image on a website almost always matters. It’s the first part of the website that visitors will see. These images can become part of a company’s brand in some cases. Selecting the right image or video is essential.

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Silent Videos

Some companies want to avoid using videos on their main pages. There are customers who don’t like immediately hearing an audio recording the second that they access a website. It’s now common for people to access a website and see a video start playing immediately. The video’s sound function might not have been activated, and visitors will be able to activate it if they’re interested in the video content.

However, even if they don’t instantly hear the video, they might still not want to see video content presented like that. People sometimes just want the option to click on video content themselves. When a video starts playing immediately, even if it does so silently, it can be off-putting to some customers.

Still, that shouldn’t be true for all forms of video content. The video content that seems more like an advertisement might have that effect. Even when the audio function has not been activated, the fact that the video has audio content can change its use.

New Images

It’s also possible to add video content that is much more subtle than that. People will see recorded images of some kind, and there won’t be any audio features included. They won’t have to decide whether they should watch the video, since they’ve more or less already seen what’s available.

This sort of video content isn’t much different from a set of still photographs. However, it’s still more dynamic than those images, so website visitors might be more likely to pay attention to that content. They’ll want to see the images on the video change. The video will give them the chance to see multiple relevant images at once, and they will not have to click through them.

Even simple video content takes some time to put together. When it’s clear that some effort went into something as simple as the website’s main image, it can improve a person’s impression of the website. The websites that have this sort of content are now starting to look particularly professional, which can be essential for websites in many fields.

Companies like Zgraph can help people create websites that they’ll remember. Some simple video content on the website’s main page can help with that. In certain industries, these sorts of videos can be especially useful. People can quickly see a particular product from multiple angles.

If it’s a landscape design company, for instance, they can see several finished landscapes before they even look at anything else on the website. Quickly seeing more than one photo can give people more of an idea of what the business has to offer. A simple and gentle video like this will also not distract them from the rest of the website or its written content and menus.