Exploring new travel opportunities is always exciting, especially when they involve a potential free Bahamas cruise. Briar Travel extends such an offer through its vacation cruise programs. This Briar Travel reviews article examines the intricacies of this travel agency to answer burning questions like “Is Briar Travel legit?” and “Is Briar Travel scam?” while shedding light on the Briar Travel free Bahamas trip package and its hidden costs.

Briar Travel: A Closer Look

Briar Travel operates similarly to a lottery system, giving participants a chance to win a ‘free cruise’ vacation package. However, this apparent generosity comes with nuances. The so-called ‘free cruise’ incurs a $19 per person administrative fee, and the promised ‘2 free days for a cruise’ may lead to additional charges for longer durations. Despite these intricacies, Briar Travel has garnered attention for its unique approach to vacation offerings.

Contact Details

To connect with Briar Travel, visit the official website, briartravel.com. You may use the contact form on the website or call (561) 424-7355. A direct line of communication facilitates clarity and addresses any queries or concerns about Briar Travel’s free Bahamas trip packages.

Important Facts About The Briar Travel Free Bahamas Trip

Embarking on the Briar Travel Bahamas Cruise journey requires financial considerations beyond the initial admin fee. Expect a cruise fee of $87.50, a $20 booking fee, a $99 Bahama entry fee, and a resort fee ranging from $20 to $80, contingent on your chosen accommodation. The ‘free’ label may mislead, as all typical travel expenses, including transportation, remain the traveler’s responsibility. While a resort stay might include a few complimentary nights, be prepared for hidden ‘extras’ equivalent to regular resort expenses.

Budget Plan For The Bahamas Cruise

Planning a Bahamas getaway through Briar Travel necessitates budgeting between $1000 and $1700 for two persons. A practical insight from a travel blogger in May 2018 reveals an expenditure of $1037.24, where unavoidable fees and transportation costs amounted to $846.62. While the trip was not a scam, anticipate around $1000 in expenses for your ostensibly ‘free’ vacation, factoring in potential upgrades, blackout dates, and patience during the booking process.

Examination Of The Briar Travel Scam Claims

Dispelling notions of a scam, Briar Travel employs aggressive sales tactics rather than fraudulent activities. Though not genuinely free, the Bahamas cruise vacation package is a legitimate offering. Beyond the allure of complimentary elements, participants encounter mandatory fees, making the overall cost comparable to standard resort vacation packages. Understanding these intricacies ensures a more informed decision when considering Briar Travel’s offerings.

Briar Travel Reviews: Final Verdict

In conclusion, Briar Travel presents an intriguing opportunity for a Bahamas cruise, but transparency is key. While not a scam, the ‘free’ label is misleading, requiring participants to navigate through hidden fees and additional expenses. The reality of financial obligations tempers the allure of a complimentary vacation. Examining the positives, such as the chance for a Bahamas experience, and the negatives, like undisclosed costs, allows potential travelers to make informed decisions before engaging with Briar Travel.


Is Briar Travel legit or a scam company?

Briar Travel is a legitimate travel company offering Bahamas cruise packages. However, it employs aggressive sales tactics, and the ‘free’ aspect may involve hidden costs.

What are the essential fees for the Briar Travel Bahamas Cruise?

Key fees include an $87.50 cruise fee, a $20 booking fee, a $99 Bahama entry fee, and a resort fee ranging from $20 to $80, depending on your chosen accommodation.

How can I contact Briar Travel?

You can contact Briar Travel through their official website, briartravel.com, using the contact form, or call them directly at (561) 424-7355.

Is the Briar Travel Bahamas cruise truly free?

While the cruise is not entirely free, participants must pay an admin fee. The ‘free’ label can be misleading, as additional expenses for extended cruise durations apply.

What should I budget for a Bahamas cruise through Briar Travel?

Plan to budget between $1000 and $1700 for two persons, factoring in essential fees, transportation costs, and potential upgrades during the vacation.